The Evolution of YOU
Get ready to be surprised when you experience yourself operating at a consistently higher level of vitality and clarity.

Enjoy the perfect beauty of the eternal


During the closed eye sessions, you’ll enjoy a dreamscape of colours and varying light patterns of sacred geometry. Developed by 2 doctors in Austria, neurologist and psychotherapist, the Lucia Light is a breakthrough technology for human consciousness awareness.

Benefits of the Lucia Light Experience:

  • Supercharges the brain with light energy
  • Quick and sustainable deep relaxation
  • Pineal / 3rd eye activation
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased mental abilities & concentration
  • Increased clarity and big picture thinking
  • Mood enhancement


Rapidly gain the benefits that come from years of practising meditation.

“I write to explain what sessions of the Lucia light have been for me.

The light draws my thinking to a feeling of wholesome stillness. I’m absorbed by what I ‘see’. While it can be a struggle at first to still many thoughts, bathed within the light this is brought about. I feel relaxed and revived by these sessions. Every session is different. I am constantly fascinated and amazed that while the light beam is actually white light, this is not what I experience, so far from it. It’s beauty I could never imagine.”

Ian MacDonald