How many Sessions are recommended and how often?

Whilst it may be interesting to try a single session to see if it is for you, our research has shown that a set of 5 sessions allows the initiation of change or development to become robust and consistent. Once a week is fine but some appreciate rapid activation and choose twice a week.

For some. a single set of 5 sessions is all they will ever have. Others come back periodically or when they ready to make the next big shift in their life.

Special Case for mood management

Those on medication for mood can require around 10 sessions.
some people need twice a week sessions.
Its fine if people are on antidepressant medication.
Some, in consultation with their doctor, end up reducing or going off their medication.
One client reported a panic attack that started prior to attending the session and this was halted within moments.
I explained that it would be good if she could come twice that week so that the calm and happy new mood could stabilise allowing her to revert to having once a week sessions. However she took many months to complete the first 5 sessions due to her very busy schedule.
Improved stability of mood was still the result in the end but early on there was still ‘up and down’ moods which would have been handled by more regular sessions at the start…