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PTSD post traumatic stress syndrome

Here’s a story about Fire Fighters in Canada who experienced a session of Lucia. “The peace, oh, the Peace” each one said with tears in their eyes, as if having just met an loved old friend not seen for decades.

Anyone who lives continuously with a sense of danger or unmanageable stress can experience PTSD, not just war veterans.

Here is what 2 war veterans said about their life changes after experiencing Lucia Light Sessions:

“After my first Lucia session I felt truly in bliss for weeks. Ive not known this happy feeling in my adult life since returning from the military. The 3 sessions I’ve had building more good feelings and I will say that I never knew the feeling of love before in my life as I do now.”

” Since my first and so far, only light session 3 months ago I’ve stopped having night mares”

Sleep Issues

Many report improved sleep.

Anxiety and Depression

We have been running trials over the last years to see the effect of Lucia Light and the results were excellent. After 5 or 10 sessions, participants report being able to able to maintain their good feelings 1 -2 years later and still going.

Jet Lag and flight phobia

Many have reported radical reduction of stress pre flight. And all report sessions lessen jet lag


  Assists meditation for the very experienced or those who find it hard to do. The Lucia has been taken to Lhasa in Tibet and the head monks were amazed saying: this is our best meditation and we usually only have those a few times a year.– Tibetan Monks